"Holly is the best! I've never disagreed with any of her edits and she's helped me tremendously with character development as well as ensuring that I don't overlook the small details that take a book from good to great. She's an industry veteran who knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
—Valerie Bowman, award-winning author of The Playful Brides series

“I have had the pleasure of working with Holly Ingraham to publish nine of my historical romances, and I recommend her editorial services highly. Her attention to each project, from the development of the story through to it’s marketing, make her advice and guidance invaluable. But it is her development and encouragement of, and her trust in, her writers’ individual voices that is the true hallmark of her editorial style. I am deeply proud of the work we have done together, and I look forward to continuing to create great work together in the future.”

—Elizabeth Essex, award-winning author

"With insightful suggestions for improving everything from pacing to characterization and a keen understanding of the romance genre, Holly has not only guided me through the editorial process, but her influence has made me better at seeing problem areas on my own. I wouldn't have made it this far without her."
—Manda Collins, award-winning author

"I hired Holly to do two rounds of development edits on my first independently published novel, Going Down on One Knee, and couldn't be happier! Holly was thorough, kind, and helpful in brainstorming solutions to plot tangles. Her edits were spot on. She identified trouble spots, while also pointing out what worked. Holly replied quickly to my inquiries and delivered on the agreed upon timelines, with communication in between. I even hired her to help me create the back cover copy. She's been wonderful! I highly recommend her services!"

—Christina Hovland, Traditional and Independently Published Author of Contemporary Romance

"Holly’s editorial reads were hugely valuable to me as an emerging writer, helping me to see what I couldn’t see! She’s smart, insightful, and fast. I loved working with her, and you will too!”

-Leigh Evans

"Holly intuitively understood what I wanted to do with my novels from the start, raising all the right questions for me to more thoroughly consider, and offering gentle guidance where it was needed most. I credit Holly’s open communication and unwavering enthusiasm for making my entire publishing experience such a positive one. I’d highly recommend her to anyone seeking editorial expertise for women’s fiction, suspense, romance and beyond.”

–Jessica Strawser, author of Almost Missed You and Not That I Could Tell

“Working with Holly was a total dream. She understands story and character, and really helped to make my manuscript shine. She's professional, whip smart, and has an immense knowledge of the publishing industry. On top of that, she's one of the nicest people you'll ever work with. I would absolutely work with her again!”

RITA nominated author, Tara Wyatt

"Holly’s insight and editing talent make stories shine. She’s taught me so much, and I’m a better writer because of her. Thorough and professional throughout every aspect of the editing process makes her the perfect editor. Simply put-she’s outstanding. I wouldn’t be published without her."

-Janna MacGregor, award-winning author

“Professional, personable, and perennially positive, Holly Ingraham has been the perfect partner on my writing projects. Having completed over twenty books with Holly, I appreciate how she remains true to my vision, while offering insightful suggestions for pulling the pieces together so the stories pack more punch. Put simply, I felt like Holly “gets” me and my work. Holly captures the subtle details that can make all the difference between a good story and a great story. Knowing my work is in skilled, trustworthy hands has allowed me to relax and enjoy the writing process to its fullest. Holly’s feedback has not only improved each piece, but her expert guidance has also taught me to be a more efficient and effective storyteller.”

—Diane Kelly, award-winning author of the Paw Enforcement and Tara Holloway mystery series

"I was so lucky to have Holly as my editor for my Otter Lake Mystery series. I’ve heard some authors say that they dread receiving their editorial letters. My experience was the direct opposite. I loved her hearing her thoughts! I often felt lost in the early draft stages of my manuscripts, but Holly was able to shine a light on my work so that I could see the issues I was experiencing clearly, and she always provided a detailed action plan designed to take my work to the next level. Her editorial expertise was exactly what I needed to build confidence in my work and feel assured that we were putting out the best book possible.”

—Auralee Wallace, author of the Otter Lake mystery series

“Holly is a delight as a person so working with her is a pleasure. I always feel like she not only wants me to shine as an author, but each of my characters as well. She is honest yet thoughtful with her comments and suggestions, and edits from her are always presented in a way that’s easy to understand and therefore implement. If a question or concern arises, she is always quick to respond and happy to discuss. Her knowledge of the publishing industry and the romance genre are extensive, and I trust and recommend her highly.”

—Nicole McLaughlin