Service List

I am open to projects of various length – longer word counts/full manuscripts and shorter projects such as novellas and category length novels. I specialize in romance, women’s fiction, mystery, thrillers and YA. All payments are made via Paypal.

Career Consulting

You can hire me at a half-hourly or hourly rate to help in any way I can with your writing career. Need to talk about where you want your career to go, what direction to take a particular ms, brainstorming book ideas, talking marketing and publicity strategies – the options are endless! I’ve spent the last decade on the inside of one of the biggest publishing houses, and I can put that experience to use for you.

Query Critiques 

I will read your first 3 chapters and synopsis and will edit your query letter.
+For an additional fee I will also line edit your first 3 chapters
+For an additional fee I will line edit your first 3 chapters and provide a 60-minute phone call to discuss your work

Pre-Editorial Evaluation

In order to determine which of my services you might require, and if we are a good fit, I will need to read your first 3 chapters. I charge a nominal fee for this, and if you decide to continue with my services, this fee will be credited to your final bill. You can also add on a consultation phone call for a full overview of your editorial needs.  (Not applicable to Query Critiques.)

Partial Manuscript Evaluation

I will read a partial of your manuscript, and will advise on direction, pacing, characters, etc. in either a detailed editorial letter or phone call. This does not include line editing!

Full Manuscript Evaluation

Read the entire ms and provide a detailed editorial letter and/or phone call to discuss plot, pacing, characters, etc. This does not include line editing!

Developmental Edit

This is the kind of edit I most love doing, where I look at character and plot development, pacing, etc. This would be done via Track Changes, and include line editing and comments within the ms, along with a complete editorial letter.


If you have already been through a developmental edit and are ready to self publish or submit to agents, an extra set of eyes on your work to catch typos and other mistakes is important.


Have other needs not listed? Let’s chat!