Welcome to Holly Ingraham Editorial! I am an award-winning professional editor with over 12 years' experience in book publishing, specializing in developmental editing, proofreading and career consultation, particularly in the areas of romance, women's fiction, mystery and YA. Publishing is all about collaboration and communication, and I love helping an author put the pieces together to help create their best book possible.

Whether you are looking at landing your dream agent, already have an agent and want to polish your manuscript before it goes out for submission, or are indie-publishing and need a developmental editor or a second set of eyes as a proofreader before self-publishing, I have the experience and knowledge to help you on your publication journey. Having worked at both a literary agency and one of the Big Five NYC publishing houses, I know what both agents and editors are looking for, and provide gentle-but-honest feedback for every step. In addition to developmental editing and proofreading, I also offer manuscript evaluations, query critiques, cover copy editing and general career consultation.

I started my publishing career as an intern and then the agency assistant at BookEnds Literary, and spent ten years as an in-house editor for St. Martin's Press, where I worked with numerous New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, and helped launch debut authors who have gone on to have long, successful careers.

Holly Ingraham Editorial was launched in March 2018. I work with large publishing houses, such as Amazon Publishing, Audible, St. Martin’s Press, Swoon Reads, and Tor doing developmental editing and proofreading, as well as working with private clients that range from aspiring writers to New York Times bestselling authors. Let me put my knowledge to work for you!